1. How does your service work?

    Golfpac Travel provides an absolutely free advanced tee time booking service for more than 300 Florida golf courses. We also package together great deals on golf rounds and lodging options to create the best-priced custom golf packages in Florida. We offer hundreds of hotels, condominiums and resorts in every part of Florida. You can use our service to book a tee time or arrange a complete package that can also include a rental car if you choose.

  2. What happens if my accommodations or golf courses are not available?

    Once you book a tee time or a package, we get right to work securing your reservations. Because we can book so far in advance, your requests are usually available and able to be secured. If for any reason your requested golf course or accommodations is not available, you will be contacted promptly by your personal Golfpac Travel golf vacation specialist. He or she will offer suggestions for a comparable option and work with you until you are satisfied. If you choose not to proceed with the reservation because your first choice was not available, this would be fine and there are no cancellation charges in this case.

  3. What if one of the members in my group can't make it?

    Golfpac Travel's cancellation policy is probably the most liberal in the travel business. Packages can be canceled up to five days prior to the planned date of arrival with just a $50 processing fee per person. When you are reducing the number of people traveling on a package, rather than cancelling the entire package — we don't apply the $50 fee at all. There are some exceptions to this policy that usually apply to private home rentals, resorts or condos — as some do have a more strict policy (such as no cancellation within 30 days prior to arrival). Please check with your personal golf vacation specialist for the exact policy of your lodging choice.

    It is also very important to keep in mind that if you reduce the number of people sharing a home, condominium or hotel room — the package rate for the other travelers sharing the room will go up because the cost of the room will be divided by a smaller number of travelers if one cancels!

  4. When is full payment due?

    Full payment is due 30 days prior to arrival.

  5. What happens if it rains?

    Rainouts are fully reimbursed. Simply call the golf course or our offices well before play is scheduled if the weather seems less than ideal on your day of play. If your round is officially declared a rainout by the pro shop and you have complied with the rain-out policy stated on your voucher, you will be reimbursed in full. Please note, there are very few golf courses that do not comply with our policy of full reimbursement. If you have chosen a golf course that takes exception to our rule, this will be clearly stated on your voucher.

  6. Can each member of my group pay for his own package?

    Yes. Once the group leader books the package, each member of the group can visit the group's personal, password-protected microsite to pay for their own package. The group leader will have his own password where he can view who has payed and all details on the trip including the status of tee time bookings. Those who prefer to call us can do so at 888-848-8941 to provide their credit card information.

  7. When will I receive my confirmation?

    Your golf package will be confirmed to you in three stages:

    Stage I: This stage is sent to you shortly after you reserve your package. It confirms that your hotel choice is available and that your package is being processed. At this time, you also receive a hotel brochure, golf course score cards and directions.

    Stage II: This stage is sent to you when your tee times are confirmed. It is an opportunity for you to review your itinerary and to make sure that everything is exactly as you expected.

    Stage III: This stage is sent to you approximately 14 days before arrival. It contains the vouchers you will present at the hotels, golf courses, rental car counter, etc..

  8. What is an upgrade charge?

    To ensure that you get the best possible rate on your golf package, we've developed the upgrade system. Upgrades are used to build the price of your golf package (they are not for tee-time-only bookings). Since golf rates vary greatly by golf course, time of day, day of the week and season, the upgrade system allows you to customize your package price by choosing varying times and days for play in order to save money. Your per-person, per night golf package rate already includes a base rate for golf. When you choose your golf courses, the appropriate upgrades will be added to your package rate. Why pay for the most expensive, premium days and times if you're flexible and prefer to save money by playing when the upgrades are lower?

  9. How far in advance can I book?

    You can book your tee time or golf package up to a year in advance.

  10. When do I need to send the deposit?

    The $50 deposit on golf packages is due upon booking.

  11. If I book more than one vacation home, will they be next door to each other?

    In many cases, yes — but not always. When the homes are booked, we can almost always let you know if the homes are next to each other , on the same street, or simply near each other in the same sub-division. Your Golfpac Travel representative will work closely with you to make sure you know every detail about the homes you are renting. If the home location cannot be guaranteed, you will be made aware of the subdivision as well as the category of home. The reservation will not proceed unless you are completely satisfied with the information you have.

*Also check out our Terms & Conditions/Rainouts & Cancellations and Privacy Policy for more information.